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  1. Steffi1690 Moderator 1d 8h ago

    Thanks Hakaru for tagging this serie:

  2. magiciangirl 6wk 0d ago

    I cropped off most of the excess part, but MT is not letting me upload an updated version right now, so I'll have to try later.

    Quote by Hakaru Maybe it would better if you crop off the rectangle excess parts of the scan.

  3. Steffi1690 Moderator 7wk 0d ago

    Quote by Hakaru

    Quote by Steffi1690

    Quote by Hakaru We also have various metas for anime/game franchises that has 5 or more spinoffs.

    Ok. What did I do wrong? Or tagged false?

    You did, there's this meta/parenthesis called Mangaka & Studios that needs to be added manually when you're administering Studios tags. It's only visible in normal view of tags.

    You and Misa are refrering to the same now or?
    I'm so sorry, so unpleasant now. I was sure I did it.

  4. magiciangirl 7wk 0d ago

    Hah hah. Well I appreciate your thoughts, but don't worry my friend! I've been eagerly waiting to finish those otome scans and move on to Saiyuki. Besides, it's also part of the 2nd anniversary celebration of my scans blog "The Cherry Blossom Image Emporium". Saiyuki scans was the whole reason I started it, but I like to scan from series I like. I wish I could do another theme like last year when I did "Cat Month" -- all my scans from different series had nothing but cats, cat boys and cat girls, heh.

    Quote by Hakaru please don't overwork yourself, i'm not in a hurry to get saiyuki scans >_<

  5. magiciangirl 7wk 1d ago

    They've done a really incredible job trying to connect the pieces given the gaps in time across all animations, while also presenting Gaiden as a whole, since not even the OVA did that! I have no doubt that Episode won't be the end of the anime but end of the season. Even so, I'd love to see a movie with an original story, or based on the (although still incomplete) online Light Novel "Crossroaders" written by Minekura herself. We're all curious to see the end, but Saiyuki is about the journey there, and what's not to love about the adventures and misadventures of the Sanzou-ikkou.

    I'm honored that you've added me as friend! Likewise, I've added you too! :D it's always fun chatting about Saiyuki. I'm working on cleaning up those scans and hope to start posting next week. I had to kinda force myself to not skip over those last Code:Realize scans since a lot of friends had asked for them. But now, it's done and time to move on to Saiyuki.

    Quote by Hakaru Surprisingly the animators corrected various unnoticed animation mistakes, which is a good thing. As showed in imagine-nation, they redrawn goku's hair when it's told that the previous version looks too fluff(?). Kanzeon Bosatsu's recap summary video, it does help because her pointed out the key events happened in the manga.

    I understand why Gaiden was redone as the previous anime adoptions are in bits and pieces, Anpro continued where Pierrot left off, Minekura probably wanted to present Gaiden as a whole. Hopefully, Platinum Vision will retain the staffs for future anime adoption of srb.

    p.s. I hope you don't mind me adding you as a friend.

  6. Steffi1690 Moderator 7wk 2d ago

    Quote by Hakaru We also have various metas for anime/game franchises that has 5 or more spinoffs.

    Ok. What did I do wrong? Or tagged false?

  7. magiciangirl 7wk 3d ago

    I can guarantee you that this is NOT THE END of the anime. Nowadays, rather than having to conclude on the "last episode", anime series use the concept of "seasons", so I have no doubt after a year or two and Minekura having produced more manga chapters, we will see another round of the anime.

    There is no way you can conclude the whole story of Saiyuki in a few episodes. We already know the manga will keep going. Instead, they're probably going to pick a stopping point for the time being.

    It's not that they are trying to wrap everything tightly into a few episodes, but rather help fans remember things they may have forgotten. Let's not forget, some original material to the anime can also be material that didn't make it into the manga because of time constraints or chapter amount limits. PlatVis has made an effort and clearly stated in an interview that if they add anything new, it's supposed to add to the story and not merely be a filler.

    Quote by Hakaru They also did a good job with retelling of key characters's past. I think this adoption was successful because the producer wanted it closer the manga, as less anime original as possible. though the writers made it very clear that there's going be to an anime ending as the manga is still ongoing.

    It could be Kazuya Minekura's way of answering the fans; questioning what might have happened to Zakuro after his disappearances in Reload manga.

  8. magiciangirl 7wk 3d ago

    Nataku was not "revived" per se. He never died in the Heaven arc. Instead, he became "paralyzed" so to speak and has been in stasis for 500 years. The anime tells you exactly what the manga has revealed so far: Nataku just suddenly "woke up" and left Heaven. It has not been revealed anywhere how is it he suddenly woke up and who is controlling him now.

    If someone purposefully did something to reawaken Nataku, this has as of yet to be revealed even in the manga.

    We don't know for sure if Nataku was a "fail-safe" in case the Sanzo Ikkou did not succeed. Once again, we don't know who is controlling Nataku and who's orders he is under. The Sanbutsushin merely relays info to Sanzo and the others. The Sanbotsushin were not the ones that ordered the Sanzo Ikkou to travel to India and stop the experiment. This was an order from Kanzeon, but whoever gave the order of Nataku taking over comes from "someone" higher above in power than even her. Who this person is, we do not know at all from any source.

    The background for Taruchie (or Talchie as her name was romanized) will be explained in next week's episode, so I will hold myself for the time being. Some explanation about her companion "Saitaisai" should also be coming along in the next episode.

    To be honest, the flash back you see of Yaonne & Lirin, that is about as much as we've seen of them in the Reload Blast manga even. Their appear in the manga for less then a page's worth. The way I see it, the flashback scene Kougaji had of all of them together accounts for and covers those two to three panels Yaonne & Lirin appear in.

    Finally, I think the anime has done a great job of filling in extra information, though I can understand newer fans or those not keeping up with the manga will still be confused. Still, the character Zakuro had been missing from the manga since halfway through Reload and has not even reappeared in the Reload Blast manga. So, the anime finally answered this question of where he had been, and even flashed back to Reload chapter he was last seen in and why since then, he'd been trying to get his reputation back!

    Quote by Hakaru

    Quote by magiciangirlThey are alive actually. In a scene that has so far been left out from the anime, you see the entire Kougaji-ikkou together (Kou, Dokugaku, Yaonne and Lirin somewhere in room-- not sure if it's Houtou Castle, but they were watching Kou train). This was before the Battle at Sharak's temple and since then, the two females have not been seen anywhere.

    The writers left out the minor details again. Did the manga also explain who's the one whom revived Nataku?
    So...Nataku was a fail-safe if the Sanzo Ikkou is proven to be useless to the Sanbutsushin. Then, there's this mysterious human girl predicting a certain prophecy with her demon companion.

  9. magiciangirl 7wk 4d ago

    They are alive actually. In a scene that has so far been left out from the anime, you see the entire Kougaji-ikkou together (Kou, Dokugaku, Yaonne and Lirin somewhere in room-- not sure if it's Houtou Castle, but they were watching Kou train). This was before the Battle at Sharak's temple and since then, the two females have not been seen anywhere.

    Quote by Hakaru I wonder if Yaone and Lirin had died in Reload manga or something.
    Dokugakuji's death reminds of how Koumyou died protecting Kouryuu.

  10. magiciangirl 9wk 3d ago

    Quote by Hakaru Thanks for your explanation on Saiyuki Series(*^^)v

    Anytime. Feel free to ask if you have any other questions!

  11. magiciangirl 9wk 5d ago

    Quote by Hakaru It's seems that the Sanzo Ikkou had fight with Ukoku in the original manga. So whatever happen to Ni Jianyi, why is he reported missing in RB?

    You are correct. Ukoku reported as missing is exactly what's currently happening in the manga. His whereabouts, even as of the most recent chapter, are still unknown.

    At a certain point during the Reload manga, Ni JIanyi (real name Priest Ukoku Sanzo) left Houtou Castle and headed east bound to meet up with another important character (Hazel) as well as take matters into his own hands to a certain degree. A lot of events take place in between, even a temporary split between Sanzo & the other three, but eventually they come back together right at the end when a fight against Ukoku begins.

    The experience is nearly fatal but they survive....barely. Ukoku leaves but not without first receiving a "parting gift" from Sanzo. From here, we don't know where Ukoku went. We only know he returned to Houtou Castle temporarily and returned his sutra back into the Bunny Doll, sealed it up, and left it in the experiments lab (this is the scene you see during episode 2 of the SRB anime).

    So why is the anime so different, especially Reload/Gunlock? The same that happens to most anime adaptations: they catch up with the manga & fillers need to be created. That's why in Gensomadem you have that whole battle against Homura & the God Child arc was instead animated for the Reload anime. As for Hazel, the character was developed by Minekura for the anime originally, but as the character grew on her, Minekura ended up giving him a much longer storyline in her manga. This is why the first episode of the anime Hazel appears in is much more similar to the manga version and certain elements from later Gunlock episodes are nearly the same.

    The same goes for Ni Jianyi/Ukoku: he was originally a much smaller character in the first Saiyuki, but as the story progressed, Minekura grew to like him and gave him much more background, ultimately becoming the main antagonist in the series.

    Sorry for the long wall of text, but I felt that needed deeper explanation. In short, for all of the above, this is why I'm not too critical of the differences between the anime and the manga as it is the anime that has sometimes further inspired events in the manga, contrary to popular belief. There's still the possibility that some material from Reload may be adapted into Reload Blast, just as we've seen before with the "God Child" arc, but only time will tell. I do feel the current anime intends to stick closer to the manga, but again, only time will tell.

  12. MisaSasekage Moderator 9wk 6d ago

    Quote by Hakaru

    Quote by MisaSasekage

    Quote by Hakaru

    Quote by MisaSasekage

    Quote by Hakaru Misa, can you help delete those unnecessary tags created by lovelivecancer?
    we definitely don't need any sponsor tags-_-b

    Tag List→Themes

    Sure, I'll help :)

    Thank you:-)

    You're welcome~ God, there's so many O-O

    yea, now we have a spam bot creating trash tags O_O

    Yep, damn spam bots.

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